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Yoder Falls Revisited

A quick drop in and slow climb out of the Yoder Falls ravine today

Yoder Falls and the Artist

Yoder Falls and the Artist

Yoder Falls and the Artist[/caption]I made a quick run to Yoder Falls this morning, hoping I could catch some snow scenes. Three different weather sources and, again, three different forecasts for this morning but one predicted a break in precip before the snow changed to rain. No such luck. Continue reading

New Grouse/Woodcocks Habitat

Gallitzin State Forest – Day 2

I love what you’ve done with the place…

Sunrise in Gallitzin State Forest

Sunrise in Gallitzin State Forest

The promise of a bit of sunlight and the time to experience it sent me scurrying last week back to Gallitzin State Forest to capture the images I had visualized on my earlier scouting trip. Up at 4:00AM, a bit of coffee (some stupid left his thermos sitting on the kitchen counter), dressed for the chill, pack the kit and on the road by 6:30. What an exciting visual adventure this would turn out to be. Continue reading

Best Views #2 – Yoder Falls

Yoder Falls – You can’t get there from here

(Scroll down if you can’t wait to see the photos)

Second on our list of the best scenic views in the Southern Highlands is Yoder Falls in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County. It’s hard to believe that my aunts and uncles scrambled up and down these ravine walls 85 years ago¬†and Grandma would have had a ‘conniption’ if she had known. Continue reading

The Point in Johnstown, confluence of the Stonycreek and Little Canemaugh Rivers

Best Scenic Views of Pennsylvania’s Southern Highlands

“What a delightful prospect it must have afforded…when the morning sun
first touched with its rays the summit of the Allegheny, and in its setting,
flooded the heights of the Laurel Hill with a sea of gold, and bathed
the whole intervening country with its soft and mellow light.” -Hon. Wm. H. Koontz, 1895

Continue reading