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Central Park Christmas Tree Proposed

Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership Plans A New Christmas Tree

Winter Time in Downtown Johnstown

Central Park at Christmas

I was mildly dismayed last week when I read in the Tribune Democrat of Discover Downtown Johnstown Partnership’s plans for a new Christmas tree to cover the Pasquerilla Fountain in Central Park.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not opposed to the idea of the new holiday feature in CP, but I’m not in love with the plan to erect it over the Pasquerilla Fountain. Continue reading

Progress for the Steeples Project

Photographing Johnstown’s Cultural Heritage

The Steeples Project churches

As reported in this morning’s Tribune Democrat, The Steeples Project continues to make progress in the preservation of the three Cambria City church structures under their care: The Grand Halle on Broad Street (former Immaculate Conception), SS. Casimir & Emerich’s, and St. Columba’s. It’s been my privelege to help support the Project through my photography, and to explore these monuments of Johnstown’s heritage in that pursuit. Continue reading

The Point in Johnstown, confluence of the Stonycreek and Little Canemaugh Rivers

Best Scenic Views of Pennsylvania’s Southern Highlands

“What a delightful prospect it must have afforded…when the morning sun
first touched with its rays the summit of the Allegheny, and in its setting,
flooded the heights of the Laurel Hill with a sea of gold, and bathed
the whole intervening country with its soft and mellow light.” -Hon. Wm. H. Koontz, 1895

Continue reading

Johnstown's Stone Bridge aglow in white

“…and I’ll Raise You a Bridge

Johnstown’s Stone Bridge From the Banks of the Conemaugh River

“…in beauty like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies” -Lord Byron (George Gordon)

Kayaking down the too-shallow Stonycreek at night is a scream. Kayaking back up the Stony is something else all together, but that’s another story for another time. Got my feet wet under Johnstown’s Stone Bridge last week and loved it. Continue reading

2013 Ethnic Fest and Venue of Merging Arts

Johnstown’s V.O.M.A Rocks the 2013 Ethnic Fest

Kulani Dance Group at Johnstown's 2012 Ethnic Festival

Kulani Dance Group

If you’re heading down to this years Ethnic Festival in Cambria City, make sure you stop in at the Venue of Merging Arts to check their entertainment, visual arts and basket raffle. Not only does Johnstown’s VOMA offer some extraordinary events and exhibits, Read on Garth