Yoder Falls Revisited

A quick drop in and slow climb out of the Yoder Falls ravine today

Yoder Falls and the Artist
Yoder Falls and the Artist
Yoder Falls and the Artist[/caption]I made a quick run to Yoder Falls this morning, hoping I could catch some snow scenes. Three different weather sources and, again, three different forecasts for this morning but one predicted a break in precip before the snow changed to rain. No such luck. There snow, then rain, were light enough, but the snow melting off the treetops onto my head and threatening my kit called for extreme measures. I kept the camera covered with a plastic bag until ready to shoot and then spread a garbage bag over my head and camera for the few seconds each exposure required.

Conemaugh Township Horse
Conemaugh Township Horse
Sorry about the branches at the top of the falls. Often when I shoot from below, the very top of the cascade gets cut off and I wanted to get it all in this morning. Also, those two trees laying in the pond have been there for at least 10 years and they’re starting to bug me. Maybe some warm summer day this year I’ll get in there and drag them out.

I’ve scrambled up and down a lot of locations on the Eastern seaboard from New Hampshire through West Virginia and this climb in and out of Yoder Falls is by far the most treacherous I’ve done, no hyperbole, but I keep doing it because it’s a sweet location. I’ve included a selfie for scale and a horse photo because I can. Let me know what you think in the comments below, on the Facebook page or through the contact form. Just a couple of shots, but a ton of effort. Enjoy.

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  1. Philip – My family comes from Johnstown and I always love going back to see the city and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Last weekend a group of us went to the Floodcity Music festival and I came across your pictures when visiting my Aunt in the Laurelwood nursing home. I would love to purchase some of your beautiful pictures to hang in my home. Is that possible?
    Many thanks.

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