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“As a deer longs for streams of water, so I long for You, God.”

Palms 42:1

Another Day Wandering the Top of the Alleghenies

Well, the initial plan was to head to Wolf Rocks to find some compositions that avoided the cacophony of briars, brush, and brambles that obscure the Spring through Autumn views but, truth be told I’m a little tired humping my kit and six pounds of winter boots through crunchy snow, and the mile + hike didn’t appeal to me. So, I chose a shorter bimble along the unnamed tributary of Roaring Fork that parallels Verla Drive through the Babcock Division of Gallitzin S.F.

Mountain Stream in Gallitzin State Forest
Mountain Stream in Gallitzin State Forest

It was the right choice: a shorter hike, level elevation, beautiful babbling mountain brook, minimal bushwhacking, and some breathtaking views of Spring beginning to break Winter’s hold atop the Allegheny Mountain.

Fifteen minutes from Johnstown (five minutes from Windber), and I was immersed in the grace of creation. If you can bear to spend more than a few minutes away from the keyboard, out in the real world, I can think of a no more convenient or tranquil spot than Gallitzin State Forest, Babcock or Rager Mountain Division.

And then disaster (frowny face with tear). The plan also included a stop on Graham Avenue to check out the Windber Wok but, alas, they were closed, out for the afternoon on personal business. Ah, well, maybe next time. Until then, enjoy the photos.

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