The Honan Avenue Trail

Hiking and Biking Along the Hinkston Run

Couldn’t let the cold hold me back any longer, so I popped the winter hikers on my feet and drove to Johnstown’s Minersville neighborhood just to get the kit out of the house for a bit. I managed a couple of decent photos but ended up grading it a solid C+. The scenic Honan Avenue Community Hiking and Biking Trail is brought to you, primarily, by the fine folks of the Laurel Highlands Historical Village (“Where the Laurel Highlands come alive.”).

The 3 mile trail follows the Hinkston Run past the remains of the Rosedale Coke Plant up to the Hinkston Run Reservoir, offering plenty of natural views along the way. It’s a pleasant, easy and beautiful hike in any season in the Highlands. On this day, I only went as far as the beaver dam, just to see what I could find in the poor (for photography) light and lack of adequate snow cover.

Enjoy the results or, better yet, head out yourself and enjoy the actual experience. There’s no substitute for reality.

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