Progress for the Steeples Project

The Steeples Project continues to make progress in the preservation of the three Cambria City church structures under their care: The Grand Halle on Broad Street (former Immaculate Conception), SS. Casimir & Emerich’s, and St. Columba’s. It’s been my privelege to help support the Project through my photography, and to explore these monuments of Johnstown’s heritage in that pursuit.

Best Views #3 – The Conemaugh Viaduct

Next up on our list of the Best Scenic Views of the Southern Highlands is my favorite vista anywhere. Nothing I’ve seen has come close to watching the sun set fire to the hills surrounding the Conemaugh Viaduct. Best part is, it’s only 10 miles and a twenty minute walk from my back door. In my opinion, it’s the best view around Johnstown.

Best Views #2 – Yoder Falls

Best Views #2 – Yoder Falls

The character of Yoder Falls changes with the weather from day to day and season to season, but always offers stunning views. And it’s not just the falls. Views include vistas from Carpenter’s Park Road, the Stonycreek River valley and the McNally Bridge, the highest bridge in Cambria and Somerset Counties.